Working remotely is an ideal job for thousands of people. However, it may sound surprising to you to hear that lots of companies are providing this ideal platform to do work from home. Working remotely has mostly considered as easy as you will be able to manage a balance between work and life. However, it is far more difficult, during this pandemic. One may be suffering from fear due to the terrifying disease outbreak that is hitting the world in 2020. As the number of remote jobs has enormously increased currently, the number of applicants has increased as well.

WikQik enables you to connect with experts in every profession and seek expert guidance to lead you towards your dream career. Our professional development services enable you to achieve a competitive advantage through WikQik ‘s growing job market. WikQik can also provide you proper guidance if you are searching for a proper platform to work remotely. Here are lots of people who are looking for remote work online, now more than ever before due to several reasons.

  • A busy but skilled and educated housewife or a mother who wants to explore her expertise to earn but you also have to do other household chores. 
  • A talented disabled person
  • Any disability that assists any talented person to work from home
  • An educated jobless person
  • Students who want to earn money to fulfill his educational expenses
  • An educated female who find it difficult to go out for a job due to any reason

 As COVID-19 has changed the world and now most of the people are forced to work remotely for their companies. Currently, a sudden and abrupt increase in unemployment has affected the world. If you are laid off due to COVID-19 then don’t be stressed because you are not the only person who is facing this. Still, there is a big hope as there are several remote jobs available for you.

Our today’s article revolves around how to find a remote job. Competition for remote jobs is comparatively greater than a regular job. So, you need to learn where to search, how to advertise yourself and different ways to make your work proposals creative. If you are struggling to find a remote job you can review the given list of the best remote jobs platforms to just begin.

The Best site for finding a remote job

  1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has more than 50 types of remote jobs, with different positions including freelance gigs, part-time work, full-time jobs, and remote occupations ranging from entry-level to executive level. It offers full-time, part-time job opportunities Companies are free to post jobs but job seekers have to pay a monthly service fee of $14.99.

FlexJobs screens their job posting before publishing, so you will find only authentic opportunities. FlexJobs is always flooded with new job posts and you will be quickly contacted by poster once you have applied for a job post.

 While using this site you will have access to a wide range of publicly-traded companies. Their job listings include graphic designing, recruiter and human resources roles, customer service positions, web developer jobs, sales jobs, and more. If your profile matches for given requirements of any job post you can easily apply for free as an applicant. This site charges $19 for the Premium account to get additional exposure. There are a lot of new job posts on this site daily even from new companies on a daily basis. This site also has a good response time.

This forum is primarily designed for startups. It is the ideal place if you’d like to work at an early startup stage. There’s really no charge to use AngelList but you have to make a strong profile. Your profile shows your skills and educational background so be confident that it stands out. The AngelList process is incredibly simple, with no need for a resume or covering letter. If you will apply you will get a reply within the next few hours. You can also come to know about the job poster last active status by his job posting.

JustRemote is committed to creating a better remote work platform so job seekers can quickly and efficiently find their perfect position. It also covers various job sector positions including Marketing and Design, Human resources, and customer service, sales, writing, and more. You may filter positions by location and their virtual job board shows very clearly about the country as well as time overlapping specifications. You can find a lot of good international companies on their websites that offer remote work.

Remote.co is a part of FlexJobs, but it provides some additional job posts. They post jobs on a regular basis. The response time is just like a regular job application after applying for any job post. It also has great blog resources for remote job hunters, as well as a FAQ site. The quality of the job advertisement is fine, which makes it an ideal place to learn.

It is one of the world’s fastest-growing online networks to seek remote jobs. It has a big network that is based in more than 121 countries. Their remote job board currently comprises over 19,875 jobs post from 312 different companies. Pangian is free for job-seekers, however, you can opt a Pro plan that costs $9.99 a month for additional exposure.

  • Upwork

 With a wide range of categories, Upwork offers freelance remote postings including virtual assistants, mobile application developers, and copywriters, web designing and development, Human Resources, customer services, and much more. Big companies like Zendesk, Dropbox, and Airbnb use this platform to appoint remote freelancers, so if you are willing to work with some big clients to start freelancing you just need to build your Upwork profile as soon as possible. There is an hourly and fixed price project with an easier payment method.

Fiverr is a great place for finding your first freelance jobs and building a profile quickly. It mainly relies on “gigs” including editing of an image in Photoshop, Facebook or Instagram ad designing, or writing up SEO rank-worthy article titles. You can easily add some special skills or experiences relevant to your experience and education in your skills that enable you to earn much more than $5 with every single job.


It is an ideal and perfect platform for freelancers and very easy to use. It claims for being the largest outsourcing platform in the world. It is full of online freelancing jobs. It features freelance jobs for PHP developers, content writers, and web designers, data entry, with more than 13 million users it has become the fastest growing platform for freelancers. You just have to make a portfolio and then you can simply start bidding on job post for starting your work as a freelancer.