Virtual Interviews are becoming new normal with both job seekers and hiring companies are finding it more viable. Virtual interviews are nothing new as hiring managers have always preferred this form to narrow down the list of prospective candidates.

However, hires for mid and entry-level job positions until required the candidates to give interviews in person. With that changing a chunk of candidates might be facing issues in getting themselves virtual interview ready.

Job Seeker’s Challenges In Virtual Interview

In big cities, internet connection and electricity has never been a problem which makes virtual interview work perfectly. Contrary to this, job seekers from smaller towns might face issues such as poor connectivity or frequent power cuts.

With the internet reaching out far off places, connectivity challenge is being taken care of to some extent. However, good signal strength and clear, unhindered voice and video remain a challenge.

A way around this problem, according to WikQik experts, is trying and setting up the interview according to the job-seekers’ best time. There are a few other tips that can help you in acing the virtual interview.

Let us understand each of the critical factors in detail, giving you a better insight on preparing for the virtual interview.

Test The Devices And The Connectivity – Of course, the basis of getting the interview done is to have a mode of interview. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, tab, or phone, make sure that basic features such as camera and mic are in working condition.

If there is something you need to get fixed, then doing so in advance is always a better option. After fixing the issues in the device, if any, make sure that the internet and sudden power outage are not an option.

To avoid such situations, having the internet back up is always a good idea. Whether having a wi-fi or hotspot connection, do ensure that there is a backup.   

Find A Quiet Place – If you are living alone in a city, then finding a quiet place would not be a problem. However, living at home with people around could make things a bit difficult. Decide a place of your choice and inform people in the house about your interview timing.

The place that you are selecting should have optimal lighting and clean walls. Having a blank wall behind you ensures that the interviewer is not distracted. Do not select anyplace near the window. You live in a high congestion area with loud traffic. You are good to go once a quiet, clean, and tidy place is found for setting up the interview.

Dress Up – WikQik team realized during their research that most of the online candidates lack the understanding of dressing up. This is a major deal-breaker for the interviewers who think that you are not earnest enough for the role.

You might be sitting at home in a casual environment, but the interview is for a solemn position. Therefore, dressing up properly doing your hair right is essential as it leaves a lasting impression on the hiring managers.

Remember, video interviews are more than just testing your skills because that can be done on a phone call or through an assignment as well.

Research About The Company – This point holds for online as well as in-person interviews. Having a sound knowledge about what the company does will help you in asking the relevant questions.

You might have come across the interview questions where the hiring manager lets you ask anything. Most of the interviewees are unprepared as they do not know what the core competency of the company.

As a result, they end up asking wrong questions or nothing at all, running their chances slowly of getting selected.

Look In The Camera – You must be thinking that it is the most obvious thing to do during an online interview. However, you might be too absorbed in giving replies and explaining your past, forgetting to investigate the camera.

Maintaining eye to eye contact in the virtual interviews is as important as it is when you are giving an interview in person. Moreover, few make the mistake of looking on the screen rather than looking at the camera.

Time Management – Virtual interviews usually are shorter than the face to face interviews, which means that you must be crisp and crystal clear about your responses. Listening carefully is one of the best ways to respond in the right direction. Make sure that you understand the question right and, if not, then ask right away rather than giving the half-baked answer.

WikQik team believes firmly that tough time does not last, but tough people do. A little bit of understanding and preparation will help you in cracking the interview.