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Salary Negotiation During Covid 19 Situation

Now that you have the job you were hunting for so long, it is now time to decide the salary. Let us get real; at this point, the world is dealing with the threat situation due to COVID 19. Most of the companies are laying off their employees. It is a hard task to search the jobs, and if you get it, then salary negotiation according to your expectation again is a probable challenge. There were cases when you were planning to shift your job to get a better salary package, and then lockdown has been announced nation wise.

Every corporate is now following the rule of cost-cutting.  In this sensitive time, there should be few easy techniques that you should follow during salary negotiation to be on the safer side.

Providing References

To build a reliable connection with the HR personnel, you can give them the reference of your colleagues or co-workers—many times through WikQik hiring; we rely on our candidates more to get reliable resources for the companies we hire. It can be their friends, family, or anyone they personally know. Just to get a salary hike, your referrals should be credible enough. 

In fact, you can also suggest the name of the managers and supervisors if required. The last company’s HR reference definitely works as a trust-building connection with the new company.

Reason For Leaving The Last Company

Well, you have to provide a genuine cause when asked why you want to switch your job or field? In this situation of pandemic condition, surely you can stress the fact due to coronavirus layout or leave without pay option. Never ever, blame your last manager and say, “things were not right with him/her.” That is unprofessionalism. It might affect your salary negotiation. You should be very clear while stating the reason for your job change at this job crisis moment in the world.

Linkedin Profile

Please make sure your CV and LinkedIn profile is up to date. The main reason behind it is the non-physical interview process. Every interview these days are conducted via video conferencing. Therefore, the employers will not spend more time in checking the entire resume. Another reason is the thorough check of your profile by the employer if they are planning to hire you, and this is a safe option. Mention the correct details about the last paycheque you received over there.

It is a mandate to mention your skills and qualities. While negotiating the salary package, you can also say about the trending skill that you have mastered, which can make their company grow faster. So, this will create a better impression of you.

Your Portfolio Should Be Flawless

Your resume will work as a mirror for you when the hiring process goes on. Therefore, you should be very focused while writing the details of your work experience. Mention the job roles and responsibilities that were given to you in the last company you worked with.

In case you were into sales or developer of any product, mention the links. Generally, this is the same for freelance writers when you have any separate blogs. It becomes easy for the employer to go through your work history without wasting any time.

Do Not Be A Victim

Try to negotiate with the company seniors or HR well. They might try to convince you to get settled in less due to the influence of COVID 19. However, be stable minded and do not say yes without thinking anything.

Your Value

Often while negotiating the salary, candidates make a mistake to get arrogant. Our WikQik team is already dealing with numerous jobs and candidates for an extended period. We always suggest the candidates stay stick on their demand without showing attitude.

You should know your value as a successful employee who will serve for an organization. Again, you have to keep in mind about the job market opportunities. Therefore, take your decisions very trickily.

As a candidate, you should convince the employer why you are beneficial for the company. During social distancing, how you can serve the company for reaching their targets and goals should be discussed. These points will help the recruiter to think about changing your salary scale into your expected numbers.

In conclusion, readers should always talk about their productivity levels in this critical situation. Most of the countries, including India, are severely affected economically. Therefore, businesses have to recover their losses within a targeted time. It is a brilliant idea if you can convince them to hire you because of your productivity level and decision-making skills. You have to be assertive in such scenarios.